6th Reforestation Campaign

March 15, 2017

The 6th Reforestation Campaign is one more of the initiatives carried out, in order to continue generating a sense of belonging; Thus fostering a culture of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Throughout this day, carried out last July 2 in the municipality of Santa Maria del Monte, located at the foot of the snowy Toluca, More than 1.5 hectares were repopulated thanks to the support of 120 collaborators and 40 children.


The effort, dedication and commitment of volunteers to protect biodiversity and strengthen ecological awareness, marked each of the activities carried out this day in collaboration with Reforestamos Mexico A.C., who served as a liaison between Liomont and La Comunidad; Resulting in the planting of more than 1,200 trees.

For the Liomont family, it is a great satisfaction to positively impact the community by providing them with temporary work, as well as fostering coexistence and teamwork among the participants.