FDA audit successfully concluded

  We extend our sincere thanks to all the staff that with their work, enthusiasm and commitment, made it possible for us to successfully conclude the FDA audit without major observations. Thank you very much, congratulations!

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In support of the victims of the past earthquakes

– Donation of 20 thousand Medicine Units considered of first necessity delivered in Campo Marte Donation of Collection of the Company and Employees, delivered in Morelos, in the University, personally by the Liomont Sales Force Approach for specific detection of…

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bg Los Mejores Lugares para Trabajar 2017

One of the 100 best companies to work for in Mexico 2017 in Diversity and Inclusion

This year we entered a new category of greater scope called “Diversity and Inclusion”, which additional to the item of Gender Equality implies that within our code of ethics contains aspects to counteract the discrimination by: sexual orientation, ethnic origin,…

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7th Reforestation Campaign

  BY DANIEL RUIZ A serious current problem on the planet is global warming, as a consequence of this contingency, is the lack of trees from the global logging of our forests, since wood is a natural resource used for…

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Social Report 2016

Asumiendo nuestro papel como agentes del desarrollo sustentable en México y en los diversos países en donde tenemos operaciones, en Liomont nos sentimos sumamente orgullosos de publicar nuestro Reporte Social 2016 alineado a los más altos estándares de transparencia y las mejores prácticas de diálogo a nivel global.

Nuestra empresa -farmacéutica mexicana con más de 78 años de trayectoria- forma parte de la Red del Pacto Mundial de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas, a quien apoyamos de manera continua en la promoción de sus 10 Principios así como los 17 Objetivos para el Desarrollo Sostenible; hechos que fortalecen nuestro compromiso con la sociedad y con el medioambiente para encontrar el desarrollo armónico en la justa generación de valor compartido.

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CIMA Campaign in the Indigenous Community, Miguel Utrilla (Los Chorros), Chiapas

Liomont Laboratories and the CIMA program (Child Crusade for a Mexico without Asthma) joins this noble cause by donating treatments for patients with respiratory diseases such as asthma, rhinitis, respiratory infections, among others. Both the pediatric community and older adults…

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Liomont Laboratories continues with the Children’s Crusade for a Mexico without Asthma 2017

– Laboratorios Liomont and the program CIMA (Children’s Crusade for a Mexico without Asthma) joins this noble cause donating treatments for patients with respiratory diseases like Asthma, Rhinitis, Respiratory infections, among others. Both the pediatric community and older adults benefit…

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The biotech vaccine that wants to save the world

Pandemic outbreaks of influenza, like the one in 2009 in Mexico, can cost thousands of lives and cost billions. Traditional vaccines take up to six months to reach the market, but the vaccine has the capacity to be produced in…

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6th Reforestation Campaign

The 6th Reforestation Campaign is one more of the initiatives carried out, in order to continue generating a sense of belonging; Thus fostering a culture of Corporate Social Responsibility. Throughout this day, carried out last July 2 in the municipality…

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Liomont is key in boosting breastfeeding

As part of the World Breastfeeding Week, on August 03, UNICEF and IMSS held an event at the Club de Industriales, with the aim of promoting breastfeeding at the national level at the workplace. With this in mind, both institutions…

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