Liomont Social Responsibility Report

March 15, 2017


reporte social liomont


For 8 years the socially responsible management of the company has materialized in a document of this nature, its content and other relevant topics are intended to cover GRI quality principles, including:

> Balance

> Comparability

> Precision and clarity

> Frequency of information

> Reliability


Social performance

  • 10 are the Business Principles for the Child Rights, promoted by the Global Pact and to which Liomont joined in 2014.
  • 1 million children were impacted by the Early Child Development strategy, in partnership with Unicef.
  • 5 clinical research studies supported during 2014.


Environmental Performance

  • 7 pieces produced per liter of water consumed, when in 2009 the indicator was 3.5 pieces per liter.
  • 744 tonnes of direct CO2 emissions reported in 2014.
  • 684 kilos of paper, tetra pack and carton were collected among the employees for their recycling.